Sunday, November 6, 2011

Small Heart Attack

Just had a small heart attack. Some random stranger ENTERED MY PASTURE WITH MY PROTECTIVE MARE and let their four children chase my foal to try to pet it!!! What kind of moron does this??? I was alerted to the intruders by two of my dogs barking (bless you Salem and Isis), so I charged out and had to be unfriendly and insist that they leave. What an enormous liability! And it looked like they were about to try to walk through my second gate into the main pasture, and holy hell that could have been a catastrophe! Two of our miscreants (Ivan and Jack) become kickers around the other horses at the gate if they think someone is there to feed them. For the love of Christ, KEEP YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF RANDOM PASTURES THAT CONTAIN HORSES YOU DO NOT KNOW!!!!!

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