Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So much

So much has happened this year. Some of it has been very bad, and some of it has been very good. I still mourn and miss Ivan. My dressage journey has taken a lot of turns. Sebastian, the horse I was leasing since February, has gone back to his old owners. Sadly, he had hock and stifle issues that made him worth a lot less than their original asking price. I just couldn't afford to let emotion overtake reason and part with that much from my wallet for a damaged horse. So instead, I ended up with TWO horses to replace Sebastian. Captain has now come to stay for awhile, and Pippa is my new Connemara/TB yearling who I'm hoping to do great things with eventually. Captain is just a free lease since Pippa and Queen are not old enough to break to ride yet. Once they are broke, I suppose I will reevaluate where I'm at with Captain.

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