Saturday, November 3, 2012

Flaky Person Rant

Alright, I understand that sometimes things just happen, but something that really chaps my ass is a flaky person who will straight up lie to your face, stringing you along with lie after lie, cancelled appointment after cancelled appointment. I have zero time to waste on this kind of person. Do not call me crying some sob story, complete with crocodile tears. At some point in life, it's kind of common practice for a person to grow into a mature, responsible individual, capable of handling business transactions, relationships, and responsibilities like an adult. If you can't, well just move it on along and don't bog down MY schedule with your bullshit. Maybe that makes me cold, but really, who wants to coddle some near stranger with an "oh-that's-ok" attitude just so they can try to string you along in the future again? Their failure to launch at life is not my problem.

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