Friday, March 8, 2013

New Rant About Parelli BS

I found this so fitting I had to borrow it.

The Parellis capitalize on the insecurities of their followers. They are con artists who combine their equestrian philosophy with product placement. Having to un-Parelli my mare taught me way too much about their crap.
“Oh your horse doesn’t listen to you? Buy these branded DVDs and items.”
“Your horse doesn’t behave well enough to ride yet, you need more of our products”
“Your horse isn’t perfect- Pay for our clinics.”
“You can’t possibly survive a ride on your horse without our assistance”
“You must be scared of your horse if you need a helmet.”
“You are less than us, give us more cash to feel more worthy”

All of these statements ring true. Is it any wonder I call them nut jobs?

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