Sunday, August 11, 2013

Failure is just feedback and an opportunity to grow

For the thoughtful student or when working with the horse, resistances and confusion are a sign of an opportunity to learn. Rather than overpowering resistance with aggression or running always from confusion, one needs to look into it. It is only by exploring the fabric of yours or horse's confusion or resistance that one can grow. Dressage is not and should not be a stagnant body of fact but rather, it is the tools one uses for exploring resistance or confusion. Success is not in doing tricks or special movements but in the confidence and positive attitude that is cultivated in the horse and rider which results from skillful means one uses in exploring these difficulties. Confusion does have a use. It is the door to the next level. Resistance is useful. It shows you where you have lost the connection. Good dressage cultivates a willingness to work together on both sides of the relationship.

~Craig Stevens

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