Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gnat Killing

The gnats are horrendous out at the new barn. I've started looking up genocidal methods for the pesky buggers. Some of what I've read has been helpful and some of it has just been plain funny. I'm reposting some of what I've come across.

How to Kill Gnats - 13 Facts

There's clearly a demand for eliminating these pesky buggers, especially at the office, so here are 13 things you need to know about gnats

  1. Simple recipe. Mix vinegar and dish soap in a shallow bowl. They'll dive in - but not out.
  2. Remove fruit and plants from "infected" vicinity
  3. Most gnats live up to four months.
  4. Pheromones are a non-toxic agent that lures gnats to their death. Normally used on thesticky sticks that can be hung. It works for months, is poison free, and sells for about a buck a stick. Females may lay up to 300 eggs
  5. Gnats are attracted to light - so shut that desk lamp!
  6. Spraying hair spray at them will freeze their wings and cause them to suffocate. Notvery kind, but neither is flying up your nose.
  7. While many "filth" gnats do not bite, be sure to look for any excess itching or rednessor changes in your skin condition. Every one has a different take but some gnats do bite!
  8. DEET sprays such as OFF! or Cutter will repel gnats. Poison-free alternatives such asAvon's Skin So Soft can be effective. Some folks disagree, but I've had luck with it.
  9. And NO, I don't sell Avon on the side.
  10. Some gnats fly around your head because they're attracted to carbon dioxide. Theyread the CO2 as a possible snack.
  11. Like any gang, gnats swarm together and might be using your head as a landmark.Stand near the tallest person possible and you might be left alone.
  12. Summer is the worst - gnats multiply by the thousands. Use those vacation days.
  13. No, a sledgehammer won't kill them

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