Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Little Truck That Could (But Nearly Didn't)

It's official, we need a more powerful truck. Mark's vehicle CAN pull my trailer under load up and down hills, but it certainly doesn't do it well. We shoveled out 1 stall of crush from the old barn yesterday afternoon (THAT was a bitch and a half to accomplish), and Mark was kind enough to help dig out and load it on my trailer for me. My trailer is heavy in the first place, around 2500-3000 lbs, and we dug out about 4/5 of a stall that was holding about 5000 lbs! So on the low end, 2500+4000= approximately 6500-7000 lbs that poor little truck hauled yesterday. Given that in its heyday it was rated only to tow 8100 lbs ('94 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L 8 cylinder), that 6500-7000 lb tow yesterday really stretched its limits! Oh well, trailer and crush are now safely at the barn, and the truck is safely at home, no worse for the wear as far as we can tell.

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