Monday, August 29, 2011

Great Barn Day!

Kimberly and I got SO MUCH done today! We took down my two butterfly gates that were all the way out close to the end of the driveway (and way far away from the barn). We re-fenced the gap and put a t-post in the middle. That t-post slammer/hammer thingie is worth the money I paid for it, even just for that one post! Too bad I'm going to have a crapload of posts to do as soon as I pick them up this Friday...

We're planning to put up a cross-fence with no-climb wire mesh around the barn with one gate at the side of the barn so horses can come in from the main pasture. We're moving the butterfly gates over in front of the barn so that we can just drive up if we want to. I'm thinking of renting the guy with the bush hog again to dig a better driveway for me on that side of the barn, plus flatten a spot for us to put the round pen back up.

In addition to taking down the gates and re-fencing the gap, we got A LOT of work done inside the barn as well. We managed to dig holes for and secure to beams the corner posts for Venus's stall, then managed to get the remaining two walls up and now her stall is finished, complete with stall chain! I am tickled to pieces :)

The next projects will be the cross fencing, finishing Ivan's stall, reorganizing our hay stash up in the loft, receiving the next delivery of [200 bales of] hay for our winter stash, and of course, who can forget finishing my darn arena. Once we have our last stash of hay purchased for the winter, I can get back to letting the incoming board money fund the purchase of all weather footing for my arena :)

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