Friday, August 5, 2011

Sorry for the absence...

So, almost 3 weeks ago (July 17th), I broke my ribs and haven't had much to report horsey wise because of it. I went to visit my friend, Peggy, and the weekend started off great but ended badly. Friday was fabulous and spent with friends out on the town. Saturday was a great day with a trip to Nashville for lunch, shopping, and a horse show. Sunday started out well with a trail ride, but the mount I was on, Sterling, had reached his limit with the horseflies at the end of the ride. When we were on our way back, he let out a huge buck because of a flie then twisted sideways to the left, and because I was caught offguard, I sailed over his right shoulder. Long story short, he freaked out, his eyes got as big as saucers, and he tried to bolt. As he turned to run back down the trail, he accidentally pushed off of my body with his right hind while turning. I was trying to roll away from him and so he only got me on the side of the ribcage under my arm instead of square in the chest. So instead of crushing my sternum and heart and possibly killing me, he instead sank his foot in my ribcage and it buckled. Imagine stepping on something, like a cylinder, and it buckling then popping back out. That's about what my chest did.

Since then, I have not ridden. It still hurts to lay on my side or on my back, and I am still having trouble sleeping through the night. I've had to put off 3 lessons now and am putting off more lessons with a new trainer that I haven't started with yet. I might have the option of sending Ivan to the trainer's at the end of the month if we're both a good match with the trainer, but I don't want to send him until I'm sure, and going to the trainer's will probably mean not getting to show this season. Stupid ribs! They're spoiling all my plans for this season! I'm not particularly thrilled :(

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