Friday, October 5, 2012

Upcoming Shows

So, I just need to get it in gear and take the big man to a few of these. Particularly some of the ones at Dreamweaver since they're local. Paula who runs Dreamweaver is a doll and so helpful, so I need to just get my hiney in gear and go do it.

October 6, 2012Poplar PlaceHamilton, GASchooling
October 13, 2012New ClassicGainesville, GASchooling
October 20, 2012Red Horse StablesBowdon, GASchooling
October 20, 2012Wilson FarmsAlpharetta, GASchooling
October 20-21, 2012 Poplar PlaceHamilton, GARecognized
October 27, 2012Dreamweaver StablesPinson, ALHalloween Fun Day
November 3, 2012Poplar PlaceHamilton, GASchooling
November 10, 2012Dreamweaver StablesPinson, ALSchooling
November 10, 2012New ClassicGainesville, GASchooling
November 17, 2012Red Horse StablesBowdon, GASchooling
November 17-18, 2012Poplar PlaceHamilton, GARecognized
December 8, 2012Poplar PlaceHamilton, GASchooling
December 15, 2012Red Horse StablesBowdon, GASchooling

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