Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Pony Learned How To Be Ponied

Well, small hiccup in our training day. ThePone and I had a frank exchange of ideas this afternoon because she attempted to unhorse me off of Classy Lady about 4 or 5 different times while she informed me she didn't know how to be ponied and didn't quite care to learn. A few choice names and whacks to the hiney later, she decided it was easier to cooperate. After that she was relatively good, and we racked/she trotted about 60% of our 5 mile trail ride. We had another hiccup when I asked her to shoot the gap in the gate back by the lodge trail, and we had another frank exchange of ideas, after which we patiently negotiated a deal that ended up with her on the same side of the gate with Classy Lady and myself. Overall she was pretty good, so she still got a cookie at the end of the lesson.

*Note to self: Don't wear jeans when using the bareback pad. Like ever. RAWR chafing.

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