Friday, July 12, 2013

My Daily Rant - You Can't Even Call These People Equestrians

Erika Folse: "The lack of sense some people display amazes me sometimes. For example, earlier today, a woman on a public horse forum on Facebook commented on a sale ad for a broodmare. The ad very specifically states that the mare has been a broodmare and has not been ridden in a number of years, and that if you wish to ride her then an experienced horse professional should possibly retrain her first. The interested party asked the following, "Beginner safe if warmed up first?" I literally facepalmed over it. Do people just leave their brains in a box for safekeeping before they start trolling the internet? What part of BROODMARE and HASN'T BEEN RIDDEN FOR YEARS makes you think that a beginner could ride this horse after the current owner specifically states needs an experienced rider.

Your daily rant over local idiots. I feel better now, thanks. Don't be brain dead and ride."

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