Saturday, April 30, 2011


I am really kind of glad that I moved my babies to the mountain when I did. The flies suck, sure, but there's tons of space and there's a huge ridge on one side and a big bluff down the other side. Given that this "mountain" is more of a big hill, it doesn't get snow and it does still get rain, but that ridge and the general orientation of it provided great protection against the recent tornados that swept through Alabama. I feel extremely blessed that my ponies came through hale and unharmed, and even happier that my pastures didn't take a hard beating. No fences to mend, the barn is still in one piece, and my new horse trailer is intact and undamaged :) Thank goodness for natural protection from natural disasters! It looked like nothing had happened up on our little mountain the day after it all happened, yet there was destruction in the form of enormous old oak trees down across the road even right at the foot of our mountain. Blessed, I tell you, blessed.

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