Thursday, June 2, 2011

Barn Manager Blues

This whole being a barn manager thing is a lot more frustrating than I thought it was going to be. I took on a couple friends as a barn partner and a boarder, and with them came way more additional horses than our farm was set up for. What I thought was going to be two or three horses from one and then three big horses and two minis from my boarder (so like, seven or eight total?) became THIRTEEN additional heads in my pasture instead of just my two, for a total of fifteen with only two stalls and four run-in stalls. Feeding time is a little nuts, getting any help out at the farm is near impossible, and it's in the upper 90s to top it all off, so being out at the barn for as long as it takes to get fifteen horses caught and fed is miserable. If I can just get these cross-fencing plans and arena plans STARTED and not just made, it'll get easier out there. An arena means my barn partner's client horses will finally get trained and finally go home permanently, and the two that are supposed to be for sale/for rehoming will get some training on them and go to new homes as well.

The heat makes everything else more frustrating. If I could separate the herd, if the two drafts and one filly/suckling would quit trying to bust through every butt chain or gate I have out there, if if if if if... things would be a little less hectic. I'm just not thrilled that I gave an inch and a mile was taken before we were set up, even though I thought I made it clear that I didn't want us overloaded before we were better set up to handle that many horses. Grrr.... too late now...

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  1. I'm so sorry you got hit with this! That is a HUGE drawback of trying to be the nice guy and what could be a "workable" partnership when one party decides "hey I can do this...and this...and this...and what about this..." and then never shows up to /help/. BTDT - too many times.