Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Feet!

Yay!!! My pony is shod all the way around in aluminums, has the right size shoe on the fronts now, the right size nails keeping them on, and had some corrective shoeing to help fix his heels in the hind :) Maybe this will help us stop cross cantering and help rebuild the lateral and medial side walls of the Go!-boy's feet! Apparently the state of his heels in the hind may have been contributing to his cross cantering by keeping his deep flexor tendon too tight, so hopefully we'll see improvement! Also, the nails used last time were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY too big for his feet and left huge holes that you could see daylight through after they were pulled, but thankfully his feet had grown out enough that the old nail holes did not interfere with the new front sets. The master farrier is expensive, but 44 years of experience makes him worth it! I am so excited and hopeful that the shoes on his hinds will help us with our cross canter problem. I'm supposed to treat his deep flexor tendon with a concoction the farrier suggested to help loosen it back up, and I'm thinking about having the chiropractor out to make an adjustment to his back to see if that also helps. We'll see, but keep your fingers crossed!

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