Friday, September 23, 2011

Wedding Stuff

Getting excited about my bachelorette party! Since it's an out of town trip, it's going to be small (thank goodness, less tipsy girls to keep track of, the task of which can be likened to herding cats...) I'm leaving tonight in t-minus one hour and forty minutes. We'll do wine and munchies tonight (cheesecake bites!) then farmer's market in the morning in ATL. Mani/pedis at 10 am, lunch plus free wine tasting at 12 pm, then some shopping at H&M followed by going back to my MOH's to recharge and change. Dinner at Holy Taco followed by dancing at Cosmo Lava in ATL (or wiggling in my case, but a bum knee isn't really going to stop me).

While I've been killing time waiting for my fiance to get home from class (he has the civic, so we're swapping cars at 5:30 so I can go), I've been compiling fun songs for our wedding playlist. Not on this list is the processional (Cannon D), exit music (Ave Maria), first dance (At Last, Etta James), Father/Daughter dance (What a Wonderful World), Attendant Intro Songs (undecided), Bouquet Toss Song (All the Single Ladies) and Garter Toss Song (Another One Bites the Dust), plus we're doing a final dance to our song (Crazy by Aerosmith).

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