Monday, January 23, 2012

Holy bejeezus, Ivan DON'T scare me like that! 1st Colic

First colic experience tonight, and worst of the worst it's with my baby boy, Ivan. Apparently, the cool thing to do is turn 7 years old and then colic within 2 weeks of your birthday to make Mom think that you're not going to make it to see 8.

Tonight's timeline

  1. Fed at 4:30/4:45 pm. Didn't notice odd behavior then, but he wasn't as talkative...
  2. Turned out at 5:20 pm. He calmly walked out to the pasture.
  3. Started noticing odd behavior when he went down to roll and then didn't scramble up immediately to start chasing the others around the pasture off of their hay piles.
  4. Stayed down on the ground, so I walked up to him, started stroking his face, asked him to get up and move around. He walked off and went back down again.
  5. Jennifer and I decided to bring him back in, so I walked him into the small paddock, then went for his halter by his stall to be able to walk him up to the trailer where my medi-kit was. 
  6. Gave him a 10cc shot of banamine at 5:30/5:35 pm, then started walking him up the road. Attempted to offer water before passing the house, but he refused it. 
  7. Walked Ivan up the road past Faye's all the way up to past the Williams' mailbox, then called the vet at 5:55 pm. Spoke with the vet for 4 minutes, relayed symptoms, received instructions. Called Tasida back at 6 pm, received more instructions.
  8. Checked vital signs at 6:20 pm. 
    1. Mucosa normal and slimy
    2. Respiration normal
    3. Heart rate normal
    4. Capillary refill normal
    5. Checked bilaterally for gut motility and was able to detect sounds in right lower quadrant. Not as much noise in upper quadrants or in left quadrant. 
  9. Within another 15 minutes, Ivan was perking up, acting turdly towards the cat, and trying to nibble at grass.
  10. Brought Ivan back out to the small paddock and let him loose, then caught Valor since they are buddies so that Ivan wouldn't stress out about being away from the herd for the night. 
  11. Just did an 8:30 pm check on Ivan. He seems to be doing alright.
    1. Mucosa normal and even more slimy than before. Has the scent of grass on his breath. 
    2. Respiration normal.
    3. Heart rate normal.
    4. Capillary refill normal.
    5. Forgot to check for gut sounds.
  12. I put Ivan's sheet back on him since it's supposed to drop to 41 tonight. I'll be doing an additional check at 11 pm on him tonight. 

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  1. Oh man I hate those scares. I'm so glad he's ok! What a good and very efficient mom you are :)