Sunday, January 1, 2012

Re-emergence of the Turdinator

Grrrrrr.... The Turdinator showed up today. I put both the bridle/bit and saddle on him for the first time in over a week, and apparently he decided he still thought he was on vacation. Managed to get him somewhat soft by the end of the ride after first a jackass-running-away-from-me for 15 minutes in the paddock (making him continue to run till he quit giving me the finger), then tacked him up and lunged to make sure he wasn't still unsound in the left hind like he was yesterday, then hopped on and alternated between good boy behavior and battling behavior, then at least managed to end on a good note (in the saddle anyway). Yes, I'm aware that was a long, semi-run-on sentence with punctuation but oh well. Untacked and groomed, then uh-oh, Turdinator acts out again on the ground so out came Mr. Whippy and we practiced backing up and getting the hell out of my space when asked. Finally, he was good, so dinner, a blankie, then an evening with his hay, and now I'm rewriting our workout itinerary for the week.

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