Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More colic, and now a hospital visit

The doc came out this morning after he worsened. He did a rectal exam and got pretty concerned, so we opted to hall him in for treatment. The doc says that he does have a rectal displacement but not full torsion yet. He's hoping that the oil will help everything go back into anatomically correct position. We went ahead and put a big bucket of oil down to his stomach, started him on 20 liters of IV fluids, and he got another shot of banamine. He was looking ribby from getting dehydrated and continuing to not want to eat since Monday's event, but now even after just a short time in treatment, he's looking perky and less ribby. Keep your fingers crossed everybody... he's not out of the woods yet till he starts passing the oil and we've confirmed everything is back into its normal, anatomical place. Thank goodness the people at Harrington Equine are awesome.

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