Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catch rides and cantering lead changes

Such a great evening today! Many thanks to Carin for working my mama mare :) I can trust you to make her gait correctly and really make her work! It's nice when you have a catch-ride friend who also used to instruct and train. Captain and I rode out with Classy Lady and Carin and had a glorious time despite the threatening rain clouds. We nearly got rained out, but instead we did lateral work, canter changes, and even a couple of flying changes up the road (though the second one was not nearly as neat as the first). LOL we kind of skittered back and forth across the road on the second request, so since the whole darn ridge is wet and slippery when you get off the chirt, we gave it a rest. Other stuff for the evening, forecast is for a cold snap tonight! The two skinniest ones are sheeted for the evening, and the fat mare is bare :) Poor Queen would be sheeted except that her sheet hasn't come in yet :( Nothing but a blanket in yet, and it's not cold enough for that yet.

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