Sunday, September 30, 2012

Horse Camping!

So, horse camping was fun. Deb Sims and I packed up two of our babies and hauled to Wind Creek, but we knew our trip would be cut short by the rain. We got in five hours of riding, plus did some naughty riding on a pier where we weren't supposed to be in the dark. I think we pissed off the fishermen at the end of the pier, and they never looked up or acknowledged us, LOL. We ended the evening with steaks, a nice campfire, and I polished off most of a bottle of Merlot. We woke up twice in the middle of the night when first a mouse crawled across Deb's sleeping bag, and then the second must have been when the mouse accepted a dare from its buddies because it crawled across my face! Happily not too hungover this morning, and we picked up croissan'wichs from Burger King. On our way home now to build a chicken coop!

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