Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yay Chiropractor!

So, the chiropractor came this morning. She says he definitely had some stuff out of whack in his neck and in his hind end, more notably on the right than the left, which we could both have expected. She says that after extended compensating for that right hock of his, he actually has a little muscle loss on the right side compared to the left side in his lower back and right hip. He also has some arthritic changes in his back, and is sore in his back. I think I'm probably going to discuss Adequan injections with Dr. E. once my budget frees up some. We just had to replace brakes and tires on the civic, and now we're going to have to get new tires all around on the truck :( Apparently my vehicles think I have money coming out my ears.

Additionally, I think I've finally got the solid reason I need to go ahead and sell my Albion if it isn't fitting him well enough. It sucks, but if he is sore partially from saddle fit and not just the arthritis, then I might as well get rid of it since it doesn't fit my butt anyway. I am little, but I have a lot of cushion to my butt, and a deep seat doesn't sit well and pushes up against my tush too much, causing me to arch my back and deactivate my core.

So anyway, that's his update as of this morning. He's much more comfortable now after she worked on him, and he'll be worked on again next month, so hopefully between now and then I'll have a new saddle that fits the two of us and we'll see how much more comfortable he might be with a new saddle and Adequan injections. I think I'll go the Adequan route instead of continuing the Smartpaks... it might end up a little more expensive, but I'm more concerned with efficacy and his comfort when I ask him to do what we do. Dr. E. told me he likes Adequan better than any oral supplements, so worst case scenario we'll try it, and if it doesn't work well enough we'll switch back to the Smartpaks.

Oh yeah, and I managed to get him eating powdered stuff :) I started adding powdered MSM to his grain because my mare gets it, and mixed in with Ultium Competition, he eats everything and licks his bowl clean. It's handy that he'll eat anything with Ultium because otherwise I'd have had trouble giving him the compounded powder feed through ulcer meds, and the paste is way more expensive. That's great for my wallet, since it is cheaper to give powdered MSM and biotin than pelleted, and gives extra budget for his new stabilized rice bran pellets.

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