Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good luck, CRF M&M Biscotti

Such an eventful day so far! My Cookie donkey is so upset, her baby, CRF M&M Biscotti, has a wonderful new home with Charmie Eddington at our friend Deb Sims's farm. Charmie and her husband James picked up our Biscotti this morning and transported him home.

After they left with their new baby, Carin and I went for a nice long ride on Classy Lady and Captain. Lots of walking and trotting, lots of hill work, and probably a good 8 miles worth of terrain covered. Captain forgot he was not a racehorse only once, and overall was a very good boy :) He just doesn't want his mare leaving him behind! His gimpy butt actually passaged and piaffed his way up the trail when I wouldn't let him take off after Classy Lady... For an old man, I am impressed with his moves.

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