Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Small Rant About Horse Sellers

Ok seriously, if you're trying to sell a horse, hell, if you're trying to sell ANYTHING, post an ad that makes you sound more educated than a first grader.

"This Mare an 2mnth old foal are up for rehomeing $500 for both momma rides
but hasnt been rode in a little over a yr has been in arenas an rode parades
a few times an just been a good pleasure horse baby is out of poco wayno
stud if need more pics of mother before foal an with her first foal i
have them along with pic of the big boned stud any ?s just ask"
Line 1: Mare should not be capitalized. Also, do you not know the difference between an & and? Spell out the word month and do not attach it to the number 2. Rehoming=rehomeing. Punctuation???
Line 2: Punctuation punctuation punctuation. Also, please spell out year. Do not use an instead of and.
Line 3: And instead of an. For the love of god, PUNCTUATION? Capitalize proper names of the stud.
Line 4: PUNCTUATION!!! "If [you] need... mother before [she had her] foal..." Capitalize I.
Line 5: "[a] pic[ture]..." I realize that pic is now common slang, but still! And do you not know how to spell question?

Shoot me in the face, these people make me want to whack them with pool noodles about their noggins.

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