Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Babies' New Tricks :)

What a day! First, I ended up working some babies. This was not planned, but it was good for them :) Pippa and Queen both did some learning on the lunge today, about 20 minutes apiece.

Queenie and Pippa were also introduced to cordless clippers today. Whisker clipping was not entirely successful... but I did get a bridle path clipped on Queen. She wasn't entirely thrilled, but she tolerated it. Both are ok with the clippers being on, both are ok with the device touching them on the shoulder, but neither are quite ok with getting their whiskers done just yet... I think it tickles too much. Captain and Classy Lady, however, treated the clipping idea like it was old hat and are freshly dewhiskered :)

After that, Captain and Classy Lady both did some arena work and then hacked out afterward. I am loving the big, dark monster :) After hosing off some sweaty ponies, went to Home Depot with Carin and had fun picking out herbs for her new pallet herb garden! I am excited to see how hers turns out, and interested in doing one of my own! Last but not least, met a potential new boarder tonight who seems pretty cool. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a new riding buddy since she also does dressage.

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