Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Annoyed... Sleepy... AWAKE

I think the rain, the waiting over upcoming court cases (yes plural, I also got a speeding ticket... eighty-freaking-one on the interstate, never mind I was passing someone), the late-night hunger that will make me fat by the time I'm 40, etc. etc. etc.... all this is contributing to my current wakefulness. The fiance and I got cranky with each other earlier over time management and proper notification of partners, so that's not helping. Nothing major, but he doesn't like how much time I have to be out at the barn waiting on the ponies to finish eating, and I am still trying to train him to text or call when he's going to be late so I don't wait on him for dinner.

There, I got my little vent out of the way, no biggie. I think it's mostly the rain. I wanted to ride again today, and the rain squashed that idea before I even made it out the door. I want a shower, but don't want to sleep wet (or have even more horrendous bed head in the morning). I'm trying really hard to be good and not have a midnight snack, but the doughnuts that are waiting in my kitchen beckon oh-so-temptingly (naughty impulse when I went to Publix the other day to pick up cheese). Maybe I'll go watch tv in bed, but that's not as stimulating.

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