Monday, January 24, 2011

Trail Riding Yesterday...

Trail riding with Deb S. from the barn yesterday was a blast, minus one detail. We hauled out around 12:30 pm to Oak Mountain, then got saddled up and rode out around 1:00 or 1:15.

The trusty workhorse and trailer, courtesy of Deb S. Thanks, Deb!
 The views were awesome, and the trail was challenging (they reworked the trails out at Oak Mt. with the idea that your pony is half mountain goat -- it was a little nuts at some parts!)

One of the views at the top of a ravine
First girth check (both girls blow up to try to avoid getting cinched tightly enough).

Our ponies decided they were ok with the mountain goat idea.

Huffing pony break. Bama (Deb's mare) is a little out of shape! 

 A couple random shots at the top of one of the ridges when we stopped to have a water break.

We were doing great until my mare decided (on the way back, mind you) to be pissy that we weren't going home fast enough and aimed my leg at a tree.

Oh yes, broke the skin underneath my breeches.
I don't bruise easily, so that's going to slowly purple up over the next week. 

Who, me? Yes, you, you bitchy thing you.

I've been in a habit of calling her Queen Bee, but for now she is dubbed Queen Bee-otch! At first I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that it MIGHT have been an accident... until she tried to do it a second and a third time! Yeah yeah, see if you get any cookie at the end of the ride...

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