Wednesday, January 26, 2011

*whimper whimper*

Ok, totally didn't do this on one of my ponies. The guilty parties are the fiance and myself. Nearly busted the lazy boy. He was sitting on it and I hopped on one of the arms to throw my arms around him and give him a smooch. He was already leaning way back in it, so down we went. Laughing, tickling, squirming ensue, then when we're trying to get up he rolls out of it, knocks me sideways, I lose my balance and crack the back of my noggin on the door frame. Needless to say, I've got a headache. I usually use excedrin migraine when I have a bad headache, but I'm wondering if I should go heavier duty with some naproxen/Aleve? Obviously this won't require hospitalization or any other kind of heavy monitoring, but I literally saw stars and went sick to my stomach when I hit my head. I'm feeling better now than I was. So, what's better for that kind of headache? I'm kind of leaning to the naproxen that I was prescribed when I fractured my wrist. It's just heavy duty Aleve, after all.

Edited to add: My mom is insisting that I go to the doctor :( Evidently stars and continuing nausea are enough to make even my (uninterested) mother worry enough to pester me. Guess I'm going to a doc-in-a-box.

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