Sunday, January 23, 2011

It was COLD yesterday!

I went to feed the ponies yesterday and got bored, so I took a bunch of photos with my camera phone while they ate :) I love my babies, they're so sweet. I also took a couple shots of the local troublemakers, plus a few others during naptime out in the field.

My sweet girl, Classy Lady. She gets so fussy lately, and I think it might be a little bit of sibling rivalry cropping up between her and Ivan. If you let Ivan in for anything and leave her out in the pasture, she will throw a hissy fit at the gate. That still doesn't mean she wants to come in and work for you, though. Fussy darn mare, but I love her. She'll get her attention and a little bit of fun when we go on a trail ride today!

Ivan is just so much more laidback than Classy Lady. I guess that's a gelding for you. From the beginning I've said that Classy Lady was a princess, and Ivan is just my happy-go-lucky boy. I've noticed lately that he's alpha over Classy Lady, though, which surprised me. She's usually vying to be queen bee wherever she's at, though sometimes she ends up more like second-in-command. With Ivan, though, she let's him dominate completely. He chases her off her hay (he's a stinker, it doesn't matter if HE has hay, he wants HER hay), he tries to steal her food, he wants to be first through the gate, etc. He's fabulous under saddle so far, and though I'm not hauling him out on the trails today, I'll probably do some lunge work and maybe a little under saddle work if I can tolerate the cold that long.

My sweet boy :)

Our Barn and Round Pen

Some views of our fields. Not a whole lot of green; it's all winterized right now, but they're munching on it for fiber anyway.

So like I said, while they were eating yesterday, I got bored. Here's what met me when I decided to wander out the back gate:

PESKY boogers! That's Shaker on the left and Leif on the right. Both are TWH I believe.

 Shaker can be really sweet sometimes, though :) He's a LICKER!

Wandering out into the field discovered a bunch of horses taking a siesta! Leif is there drinking in the creek in the photo to the left, and Ben is the closest napping horse in the photo on the right.


Ben decided it was time to get up when I got too close.

 Chance, however, said "No sweat" and just stayed where he laid :)

Overall, a more entertaining trip to the barn yesterday. I'm looking forward to trail riding today :)

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