Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alas, my nice new side reins...

Unfortunately, my fancy new leather side reins just did not work. I bought some fabulous Camelot German-style Leather Side Reins in horse size, but these things could have fit a warmblood! The smallest they would adjust to was still 42"!!! My little cobby-sized horses are just too little. Here's the Lady modeling them for you (sorry, camera phone quality).

Haha, she doesn't look like she's missed a meal this winter. And I'm pleased that keeping sheets and blankies on her have kept her clean and white plus without too heavy of a coat. That means I can probably avoid body clipping her for show season this year! No yak look on her this go-round, so all I'll have to do is whiten her legs, mane, and tail, and I'll have to do a touch up clip on her face and jawline. Maybe the neck a little bit, with a guard, since her neck and legs were all that were exposed all winter long. I hesitate to say we're out of winter yet, but we've had 60s and 70s all week long! Keep your fingers crossed; I prefer nice weather.

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