Monday, February 14, 2011

Blinging White

Another link I had to borrow. Sakura Hill Farm's blog is a wealth of information!


So everyone loves chrome, but how do you keep it Bling-tastic for the show ring?

We read this little tip in the Chronicle of the Horse about a year ago and used it on our Alla 'Czar mare Czola who has two very high white socks and a white blaze when she went to the BWP-NA Inspection for her Hunter Book approval and it worked like a charm. Fortunately, she is one of few horses we have at the moment that has a significant amount of bling, but should we have more with high socks and blazes, we'll be using this trick each and every time.

What you'll need:
  1. Clippers with a #40 blade
    Czola after the BWP-NA Inspection
  2. Box of Corn Starch
  3. Water
  4. Bucket
  5. Towel
  6. Hard brush
What to do:
(1 month before the show)
  1. 1 month before the show, clip the white socks with a #40 blade. This will allow the starch to stick and dry more effectively.
What to do:
(Day before the show)
  1. In a bucket mix Corn Starch (you will use at least 1/2 the box- the full box, depending on how much white you are working with) and Water until it forms a thick paste
  2. Slab it on the high whites, like you would a poultice. Don't worry too much about getting it beyond the white areas- this can be taken care of easily the next morning.
  3. You can either leave it open to dry or you can wrap the legs over night to dry as you would a poultice
What to do:
(Day of the show)
  1. Use a hard brush to chip away the crust of corn starch that remains (make sure to get it all)
  2. Use a damp towel to go along the borders of the white areas and along any stray corn starched areas that aren't white
The End Result: Sparkling whites that will repel dust and ensure that your bling stays bright for your time in the spotlight.

Czola after the BWP-NA Inspection

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