Thursday, February 10, 2011

Definitely not riding today :(

This sucks. I'm supposed to have a lesson on Ivan on Saturday, and I haven't managed to work him since the day before yesterday. Yesterday was rainy and the ground was wet, and then today we have left over snow from last night! The roundpen isn't covered, and I'm certainly not venturing out into the pasture where who knows what kind of footing is under the snow.

Here are some photos from the house and the drive to the barn. Pretty, sure, but a pain in the butt!

Our backyard

The dogs didn't want to go out to go pee!

On the way to the barn

In our neighborhood on the way to the barn

Thankfully the roads weren't icy

Nom nom nom... shredded beet pulp and alfalfa cubes, soaked. Bet the babies were happy to have a hot meal!

On the way past Mercedes

I wondered if the Mercedes plant was running today?

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