Friday, February 11, 2011

The MOWL!!!!

I am so intrigued!

This thing could possibly be the answer to our dinner dumping problems! Mr. Nitwit, Ivan the Terrible Dinner Date, may be meeting the end to his dinner dumping days. Now, I know the cheaper method would be to just mount a corner feeder, but I keep reading about benefits of making your horse stretch down to eat off the floor. I mean, they naturally graze on the ground, so makes sense somewhat, right?

Here's how it reads:
The only equine dental care endorsed horse feeder that:
  • Eliminates the ingestion of dirt or sand while feeding and ultimately helps prevent sand colic.
  • Will not move, spill, flip or tip while your horse feeds from it.
  • Promotes the natural grazing position a horse should be in while feeding.
  • Stretches and strengthens your horses jaw, neck, back and leg muscles while feeding
  • Helps maintain the proper alignment of your horse’s jaw, incisors, molars and TMJ that you don’t get from other feeders.
  • Will save you money on grain, supplements and other feed.
And of course, the link in case any of my horsey friends are interested in trying it out!

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