Friday, February 25, 2011

Ivan's Old Routine

My Go!-boy's old training routine. One of his old trainers forwarded this to me, so I thought it would be neat to post it for posterity :)

Here was his track schedule to give you an idea of timelines:
20 minutes turn-out
15 minutes Hot-Walker
20 minute grooming & tacking up - & standing in cross-ties waiting for his ride
20 - 30 minutes on the track - 2 laps at a trot, 1 lap at a tight-canter both directions, then the distance they were breezing under wraps (chin pretty much to his chest). Once a week he also got a full-out gallop.
10 minutes in the washrack & being handwalked/grazed
another 15-20 minutes on the hotwalker
10 minutes - grooming & legs rubbed down, legs wrapped & feet packed on gallop days.
back to his stall with his hay.
His home work schedule between track periods went like this:
10 minutes of grooming
10 minutes of lunging r/l
10 minutes of slow work
20 minutes of "detail work"
20 minutes of slow work while cooling down
15 minutes - hose down & legs rubbed.
Turned-back out.

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